Joining the Band
Membership in the band is open to all adult brass, woodwind and percussion players who read music at high school level or above and agree to abide by the policies of the organization. Players under age 18 will be allowed to participate with the permission of the PSB band director. We do not currently require membership dues, and have no immediate plans to begin doing so. New members must complete a PSB registration form before checking out music. Contact the Band Librarian at a rehearsal for a registration form. Completed registration sheets may be returned to the Director/Conductor at rehearsal.

Responsibilities of Our Musicians
PSB is primarily a performing group, and, as musicians, we like to have fun making music, but only as long as the music comes first. As such, activities that promote musical growth are actively encouraged. Our priority is to create an atmosphere in which all instrumentalists may share in the fun of rehearsing and performing music with other members of the community. The band is for the enjoyment of our members and audiences alike! We welcome you and invite you to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. The success of the Band depends upon the active participation of all its members.

The success of the band depends on the participation of all its members. Attendance is particularly important prior to concerts and scheduled events. We ask that members plan to attend a minimum of three rehearsals immediately prior to scheduled concerts. If you know you will miss a concert or are unable to make concert rehearsals, please alert your section leader so s/he can make arrangements to cover all parts. An attendance sheet is available at each rehearsal for members to record their attendance.

All music in the folders is either donated or loaned to the band by other music organizations and band members. Musicians may check out folios from the Music Librarian only after completing the band registration form. Members are responsible for replacing lost music. Please use only #2 pencil when marking music. Do not use colored pencil, ink or highlighters.

Responsibilities of Our Section Leaders
Section leaders are responsible for distribution of music and part assignments within the section. Section leaders will take into account requests for solos and requests for part preferences. The director has final authority over part assignments. In addition, section leaders will be the front-line "troubleshooters" should musical decisions specific to the section arise, again, subject to the wishes of the director.